Condensation Report

Sweco has made a study regarding our elements "moisture calculation of the timber system".



- Stig Gjeving, Professor at NTNU in building technology and building physics.

- Jan Erik Samdal Straume, Sweco


The conclusion is:

"....moisture calculations show no risk of condensation or mold growth against the

vapor barrier...."

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Evaluation acording to "Legislation and pre-accepted solutions"

Sweco report is a study of "Legislation and pre-accepted solutions".

The conclusion is as following:

"....MH Arctic's wall solution performs at least as well as a pre-accepted solution, and

the previously prepared document will serve as documentation that the functional

requirements are met in accordance with TEK 10 and TEK 17

Passive House Institute has certified the "Construction system MHArctic" within the category “cold climate world-wide”.


This means it is a thermal bridge free construction method.


Østfold research institute has calculated greenhouse gas emissions for our building compared to a reference building (a passive house). In the project it was also looked at

methods for assessing the lifetime of the construction method.


The researchers of the project also considered the usage of various methods for assessing the lifetime of structures made using our construction method.


This is their Conclusion:

A traditional passive house uses 68% more energy compared to a MH Arctic solution. Heating requirements of a construction made with MH Arctic elements requires 9.7 kWh / m2

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