The Eco friendly
building system

Det bærekraftige

Our unique building system

EON Element is a patented environmentally friendly building system. At the core of this simple yet versatile system are generic waterproof building elements that are easily assembled using simple tools.

The core

Containing both corner and wall modules our elements are the perfect eco friendly solution for all types of single or multi-storage buildings.

It is approved for 1, 2, 3 or 4 storey houses, as well as low-rise blocks and high-rise buildings.

They combine to form complete walls with a framework and insulation that are easily assembled with bolts in pre-drilled holes and are then ready for interior and exterior cladding. Additionally, our elements are equipped with a wind and vapor barrier, making them robust against rough weather during transport and installation, and eliminating the need for large protective plastic sheets or packing.

Generational sustainability

We aren’t reinventing the wheel with our building system. We have only optimized traditional techniques, taken them to the next level (about time) and ensured that the final product is built to last.

Because we have a sustainability and social mindset we use traditional materials– wood, insulation, steam and wind barriers–that are sourced in an environmentally friendly way. In combination with our new method it also makes eco friendly building more economically accessible.

Our goal is to help markets, wherever there is interest, to produce elements that can be used and reused for ages to come at the lowest cost possible to the end consumer and nature.

Keeping in line with this goal, none of our product components have a known expiration date when used correctly which means they can be repeatedly assembled and disassembled. Our building system is Passive House approved for Cold Climate, and we are aiming to be the first to achieve Arctic level approval.

Contact us

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The system of elements

The system is based upon C/C 300 mm with corner and wall elements.

The basic elements are:

  • Height: 30-60-90-120-150-180-210-240-270 cm
  • Width: 30 and 60 cm
  • Thick: 30 cm

Don’t worry if you don’t see an element in a specific size, the system is made to integrate seamlessly with traditional carpentry.


Our products are made with future generations in mind. We believe the main structure of a building should not have an expiration date. In line with this philosophy, our elements don’t expire.


Our patented solution uses 50% less wood and 20% less insulation which can be up to 20% more effective in comparison to traditional walls with the same U-value/insulation properties used in other low-energy houses. Using less wood means more living trees remain to keep our air clean.


Our elements can be reused for a lifetime. Elements used to build a kindergarten, for example, can be disassembled after 50 years and reused to build a retirement home. The same element can, in theory, shelter you for much of your life and do the same for your descendants.

Less wast

Reduce building site waste. Our production is designed such that the only waste from it is the packaging of our raw materials and we are dedicated to reducing that even further.


EON elements vs. the elements

Reduce wind, water and moisture

EPDM gaskets come pre-attached to the elements from the factory sealing them together to form a water and windproof wall.

Our elements are designed to giveV you 100% control of the indoor environment. Wind and moisture-control are assured with vapor barriers and built-in securing mechanisms which tightly seal the joints and gaps between the elements during assembly.

Vapor barrier membrane

Our wind and moisture barriers can either be plastic or a breathable membrane that is approved for use by various international institutes.

The wind barriers allow the outer part of the elements to react naturally to the climate outside, while at the same time preventing water droplets from penetrating the surface which can reduce the effectiveness of the insulation and mold.

Therefore, our membrane prevents water and moisture from accumulating in the wall. It also makes it easier for the wall to breathe, as the vapor-barrier-membrane works with the wind-barriers.

Sealed insulation

The basic generic elements are delivered with 200 mm insulation sealed inside each of the elements. The total thickness of the basic wall is 300 mm. We’re happy to assist you in determining if further insulation is needed depending on the climate and in accordance to Passive House standards.

Energy saving

Our Passive EON houses take energy efficiency beyond that of the average Passive House. A house built with our system and materials can use as little as under 10 kWh/year/m2 in cold climates and even less in cold temperate climates.

Sound insulation

Our patented elements are well insulated against external noise pollution. The insulation-cage in each element is constructed using distance plates that also function as sound resistors.

Fire safe

Our elements can optionally be delivered with greater fire-resistant properties, meaning the elements themselves cannot burn.


The elements range from 5kg to 40kg in, making it easy for professionals and amateurs alike to easily assemble them without the use of heavy machinery.


If larger elements with finished cladding are better suited for your project, use EON elements as the raw material and deliver industrial quality to your customer with all the benefits of the EON Element Building Systems.

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