Our elements are easily assembled by inserting bolts through the pre-drilled holes.

The size of the elements always change 300mm, width and height. It means that all dimensions are based on 300mm lengths.The size of our elements do only vary in fixed distances of 300mm in all dimensions.

Ceiling heights of 2400mm and 2700mm are the standard. Other heights can be produced upon request. Each element is an independent, fully equipped and waterproof part of the wall.



The EPDM gasket seals the elements together to form a water and windproof wall. The EPDM gasket comes pre-attached to the element from the factory.


Our walls do not contain plastic. 

We use membranes that are approved for use by various international institutes.

It allows for moisture to escape out and through the elements, while at the same time preventing water droplets from penetrating in. Our vapour-barrier-membrane works in a similar fashion to that of Gore-tex®.

Therefore, our membrane prevents water and moisture from accumulating in the wall. It also makes it easier for the wall to breathe, as the vapour-barrier-membrane works with the wind-barriers.


Our elements are designed to give 100% control of the inside environment. This is a very important aspect of construction, especially in colder climates. Wind and vapour barriers assure vapour-control. Furthermore, the elements have a built-in sealing mechanism that serves to tightly seal the joints and gaps in-between the elements during assembly.


Creative. Sustainable. Available.


The generic elements are delivered with 250mm insulation which comes sealed inside each of the elements. Further insulation can be added to assure that the finished structure is made in accordance to passive house standards. 

It is very simple to make changes to the elements. Simply add insulation in the framework ( up to 100mm insulation thickness). The extra insulation may be added at the building site after initial assembly. No special elements are needed.

All elements are alike, no matter if they fall within the category of passive, standard or something else.

The total thickness of the wall is 350mm.


Our patented elements allow for the house to be well sound insulated against external sources of noise. The insulation-cage in each element is constructed using distance plates. These plates also function as sound resistors.

Houses built with our system boast very good sound insulating properties when filtering out external noise. This provides the inhabitants with a tranquil home environment.


Our elements can optionally be delivered with greater fire-resistant properties.
This means that the elements themselves cannot burn.



The elements are fitted with predrilled 25 mm cable conduit holes.


Predrilled 25 mm holes.
When the elements are mounted together, the cable holes line up perfectly. This makes it very easy to lay ducts.


The vital part of the elements, the insulation cage, is sealed between the vapour- and wind barriers in the factory.

This assures that the elements are robust, and that they can withstand rough weather. As a bonus, this mean that there is no need for storage and extensive protection under transport.

When being assembled, the elements can easily cope with both rain and snow without sustaining damage that would compromise the end result.

Due to the small size of our elements, there is no need for special transport.


The weight of the elements varies from 5kg to 40kg. This light weight makes all builders, both professionals and amateurs, able to easily assemble the elements themselves -without the need of special equipment.


Raw materiel for other producers

If larger elements with finished cladding are better suited for the project. EON elements can simply be the raw material for other producers and give the industrial quality and full benefits of the system to the final customer.


Technical drawings of  the elements. 
Please contact us, if 3D drawings are needed.

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