ECO-FRIENDLY building systems

EON Building system

A Norwegian company making eco-friendly building systems.

Eon is a patented, environmentally friendly building system.  The core of the system is generic waterproof building elements consisting of structures, insulation and wind and vapor barrier. The system is based on C/C 300 mm, and contains both corner and wall modules. The elements are easily screwed together with bolts in pre-drilled holes, and are then ready for cladding on the inside and outside. The Eon system is also approved for use in passive houses. The elements have no expiration  date and can be reused.

EON Element is built on traditional materials such as wood, insulation, steam and wind barrier. We only use materials that are sourced from environmentally friendly sources.

Each element constitute an independent part of a wall.

Our company has a mindset of sustainability and our goal is to build everlasting elements that can be used, and reused for ages to come. To be in line with our goal, no components of our products have a known expiration date.

We encouraged the growth and increasing relevance of a circular economy. Therefore the lifetime of our products are extremely long.


for all type of buildings

The system is based upon C/C 300 mm.

There are corner and wall elements.


The basis elements are:

  • Height: 30-60-90-120-150-180-210-240-270 cm

  • Wide:   30 and 60 cm

  • Thick:   30 cm


The elements are assembled together with bolts in pre-drilled holes, making a complete sealed wall. 

If you don’t find a element that fits your needs. You can simply combine with traditional carpentry.

Bolt og elektrisk
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Our patented building system is a generic solution for all types of single or multi-storage buildings. The elements form a complete wall with a framework and insulation. Additionally, our elements are equipped with a wind and vapor barrier, which makes them robust against rough weather.


The elements are ready to be cladded both on the exterior, as well as on the interior..

Our building elements are a patented eco-friendly building system.

EON Element has an exclusive agreement with MHArctic to produce these elements.

MH Arctic owns the patents that the EON elements are based upon.


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